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Andante-fit (SPPB Kiosk)

Short Physical Performance Battery(SPPB, is composed with balance test, gaitspeed measurement, and 5-chair stand test. The native SPPB can be used to assess risks for future adverse events including fall down, institutionalization and death in older adults. Our Kiosk incorporates modern sensors including LiDAR and load-cells to precisely measure parameters of SPPB which are impossible when measured with naked eye, hence provides vast amount of derivative variables which are used in our algorithms, to help clinical risk assessment process for older adults.
In use, Asan Medical Center
With our real-world data backed algorithms, physiological age, frailty index, fall down risk and sarcopenia status is automatically calculated, and immediately provide in the result sheets. Theses results can be incorportated into electronic medical records system in hospitals, serving as baseline and outcome measures of physical performance of older patients, similarly to ECG or chest PA.
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