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Geriatric Functional Assessment Through Technology

with DYPHI

Precision medicine in older adults
= Risk management

In care for older adults, researches have showed that balance of treatment efficacy and adverse events are largely affected by physiological reserve of patients, often measered as frailty status, which also reflects biological age of people.
However, measuring frailty status or physiological reserve depended largely on manually measured physical performance and questionnaires, thereby requiring significant amount of time (~1 hour) to assess. We found this unmet need, and purposed to develop automated technologies to measure physical performance using cutting-edge sensor technologies derived from robotics.

We started a research startup to link tech. And geriatric assessment

Our goal was to build instruments which can measure physical performance of older adults that
1) highly standardized with minimal inter-observer variability
2) easy to admin with minimal training
3) can be quickly performed in less than 2-3 minutes
4) can provide automatized risk assessment data on sarcopenia, future fall-down and frailty
By combining clinical data and parameters acquired with multi sensor-integrated kiosk, we can also provide risk assessments for older adults undergoing various medical and surgican procedures.

DYPHI, healthy aging through technology.

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